Small Birds and Parrots

parrotsUntil you’ve lived with a companion bird, it’s hard to imagine how much birds add to the home with their cheerful, inquisitive natures. Keeping them healthy and happy is a lot of work, for sure, but they reward your efforts in so many wonderful ways.

From perches to toys and bowls we have the equipment essentials you’ll need to care for your feathered friend. The main thing to be careful about is safety. In some ways, choosing equipment for your bird is like buying for a small child, and you need to ask yourself the same questions: Is there a choking hazard? Are the colours from safe dyes? What is this made of, and will it hurt Sunny if he swallows some of it?

We have pet experts at The Pet Shoppe who are eager to help you pick out the perfect supplies that you need to care for your birds and parrots of all shapes and sizes.

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